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Mike Overwater: EKO and Mastering my Morning Founder

What is Mastering my Morning all about?
It all stems from work I’ve done that feels like forever – and even more relevantly – my personal experiences over a long time.
It’s as simple as this really.
I spent a good period of my life effectively on a type of auto-pilot. I was working hard – often stressed, overwhelmed and confused, just as most other people I knew (but didn’t admit). I was working bloody hard for other people – helping them achieve great things in their business and personal lives – but not me.
First I was blind to this. I just didn’t really “see” it – although in many ways I felt it – if you know what I mean.
Then it was a struggle to step up and out of my trench to take the step forward on another more fulfilling path because I just didn’t know what I didn’t know!
There’s many things I learned on this journey cum quest.
The realization I came to is this. How you start anything has a huge bearing on the results you get.
Mastering my Morning is part of the EKO services broadly categorized as “Begin to Win”. How to start! And starting!
Whether it is your day, your project, your business, your goals, your new life trajectory – how you start determines how fast and well you win. Whatever winning means to you.
Winning starts with Beginning. Start smart, is our motto. And that means conscious not auto-pilot.
A key to winning is starting.
And then things will happen. If you haven’t started, start. If you have started, be conscious of what you’re doing.

Allow the world...

To help start your day – and get the most from it – we developed Mastering my Morning. Don’t go through your day – your life – on auto-pilot. Win your quest – whatever that is to you.
Your life is your own – and unique. Shape your morning – your day – for you.
You only have today – so make sure you’re doing what you need to.
If you feel you need to disrupt your current trajectory and create a better future for yourself, and want someone who’s been there already, beside you, then connect. Mastering my Morning may make that difference to you …

Yours truly,


Mike Overwater, 


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